Overnight in the World's Most Dangerous Hotel

We stay overnight in the world's most dangerous hotel, 24 hours!
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The most dangerous hotel is an old lighthouse named the frying pan tower.
Check out the hotel! - fptower.org

We had a great stay at the most dangerous hotel!


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  1. YouTube


    the fact that a helicopter is the only way on and off the hotel is terrifying enough 😅😬

  2. Melz Gaming

    Melz Gaming

    Richard must get so lonely but I swear he seems like the nicest guy in the world. You go Richard!!!

  3. Gregory Suarez

    Gregory Suarez

    That was definitely Richard‘s best night of his life

  4. StevenOYEAH


    Man I can’t believe how lonely Richard must feel when there’s no one there

  5. Garrett McKie

    Garrett McKie

    Richard seems like a funny and friendly dude, definitely an experience to remember! Who else can say they stayed at a hotel in the middle of the ocean 😂

  6. TheGratriX


    Richard is literally the guy I wanna be and what I am working myself to when I am old, being this old and still being able to mess and have fun with young guys is just awesome! this is the positivity we need in this world!

  7. my little super hero

    my little super hero

    Vor 21 Tag

    Richard seems like the nicest guy ever. The work he puts into that place must be insane.

  8. TimeBucks


    Richard is hilarous

  9. Misty Gensel

    Misty Gensel

    Richard looks like a fun guy! He must be so lonely tho- this probably made his life.

  10. Shawty


    I feel kinda bad for Richard, everytime people leave the hotel he is all alone out there . 😥😰😓😢

  11. Poppy Archer11

    Poppy Archer11

    Vor 21 Tag

    Richard is so nice he must be lonely out in the sea let’s all hope that nothing bad happens to because there’s so many things that could happen out there like hurricanes and things like that 😊

  12. haylie vincent

    haylie vincent

    Richard seems like such a nice person and so funny!! He probably enjoyed having ppl over

  13. phantom knight

    phantom knight

    Vor 16 Stunden

    Richard is a legend he jumps in to the rusty floors and dives down while he said there's sharks and he still dives what a legend

  14. Maverick


    I love Richard but you know he’s always alone out there. Maybe that’s what makes him so happy when someone visits

  15. reslol


    These dudes are my childhood. Crazy how time flies! Love yall <3

  16. 2k Subbs For My Brother

    2k Subbs For My Brother

    I love Richard but you know he’s always alone out there. Maybe that’s what makes him so happy when someone visits

  17. joe


    Vor 21 Tag

    Richard is not always alone... There's guests and volunteers helping all the time. These guys seem nice but so so loud.

  18. mica korweyn

    mica korweyn

    Vor 21 Tag

    i love richard and his personality so much 😭 wishing him a longer life so that he could enjoy more ❤️

  19. Tracy Anderson

    Tracy Anderson

    Vor 7 Stunden

    Richard is such an awesome guy! Hoping to go out there myself soon. Have fun guys!

  20. Evan Gold

    Evan Gold

    I feel like Richard is attempting to make this experience as scary as possible. Now that’s called good business!