I Gave My Viewers $1500 To Spend On Wish

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  1. Hemtai


    Leaving it up to the viewers to spend money is a terrible idea, and that’s why this video is beautiful

  2. sonniemon


    magic mike being sold out after connor himself wanted it was so funny

  3. KenCowzYay


    Connor avoids paying tax, but he can't avoid those copyright strikes.

  4. Just Some Guy without a Mustache

    Just Some Guy without a Mustache

    This entire video just goes to show how wild yet cultured Connor's fanbase is

  5. Dirpex


    Connor asks viewers to buy things:

  6. SonicHaXD


    I'm impressed your viewers denied the Furry and Among Us items....most of them at least XD

  7. Zeddbruh


    Connor: I am

  8. Eren the birb🕊

    Eren the birb🕊

    Connor: "I let you guys But stuff for me."

  9. Awat


    It’s one thing to let chat buy things, but it’s a whole different thing to let them buy things on wish.

  10. coco skittles

    coco skittles

    Conner is a little kid with access to adult money.

  11. Jon


    I bet Chris bought those monkeys before Connor could. He' still reeling from the crane game disaster.

  12. Lokal Fubbick

    Lokal Fubbick

    "Looks like we're buying an Obama guys." - Connor 2021

  13. fettwampe


    Another entry in Connor's list of genius ideas on how to spend money well.

  14. Izaac Power

    Izaac Power


  15. Dum Sun

    Dum Sun

    I loving how mudan always sneak mouse in connor's vids

  16. Doddle_Draw _

    Doddle_Draw _

    Another tittle for this video is “Connor teaches you how to avoid taxes (feat. wish)”

  17. Crimson Queen

    Crimson Queen

    Okay that Mr.Bean mask actually looks amazing for raiding little kids out of their candy

  18. JustThisWeeb


    you know what I love about connor's videos is the fact that in the most random times that jpeg of ironmouse will show up being edited there. It's almost like a game to see how many ironmouses you could see.

  19. Sterling Archer

    Sterling Archer

    Between you Joey and Chris you have all convinced me to accomplish childhood dream to visit Japan. Thank you guys for your awesome content and tips!

  20. Revil Senpai

    Revil Senpai

    Connor is like the older brother everyone wants