Defeating EVERY Boss in Don't Starve Together (Speedrun)

Speed running ALL the bosses in Don't Starve Together, the entire run was 123 in-game days which is 16 hours and 24 minutes; all of which was recorded into 16+ hours of footage.
Faster run with NEW Terraria Bosses:
The FULL unedited run can be found here:
Important Points in the RUN:
0:00 - Intro
0:34 - Run Starts
7:39 - Bee Queen
11:45 - Dragonfly
15:54 - Ruins
18:53 - Mactusks
20:15 - Shadow Pieces
21:33 - Living Logs
23:50 - Klaus
26:40 - Deerclops
29:07 - Moose/Goose
31:28 - Moon Callers Staff
32:25 - Ancient Guardian
33:45 - Ancient Fuelweaver
39:50 - Antlion
40:55 - Pearl's Quests
42:25 - Forgotten Knowledge
43:35 - Bearger
44:50 - Malbatross
45:45 - Lunar Altars
47:50 - Ruins v2
48:51 - Pearl's pearl
49:36 - Crab King
58:08 - All Lunar Altars
59:25 - Lunar Storm
1:01:52 - Celestial Champion
1:10:28 - Toadstool
1:13:25 - Outro

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  1. Jakeyosaurus


    Days after I finished editing this I did the same run in 97 days lol, way faster than this run but the same strats!

  2. Gankick


    The fact that this doubled as a tutorial for every boss in the game whilst being so entertaining is incredible, amazing video, that didn't feel like an hour at all.

  3. Feyy Time

    Feyy Time

    Every boss AND EDITED?! AND IT'S ENTERTAINMENT?! This is gold

  4. OrangE


    omg this is insane. like no one else is crazy enough to upload an all bosses run like this

  5. Lories Lori

    Lories Lori

    It’s so strange how far the game had come when the Deerclops used to be the most terrifying and infuriating boss in the base game known for destroying your bases

  6. CatPerson


    Incredible job! Really nice how you explained everything well enough for beginners to understand!

  7. edgymarauder


    "definition of don't starve - everything goes wrong."

  8. Chimmichurri


    Idk how you made an hour and 14 minutes feel like 5 minutes. shit was damn interesting and now i want to play Dont Starve again

  9. Koitaroo


    I downloaded this game literally this week and have died more times than i'd like to admit so i've never even killed boss 1, but after watching this i'm a little more motivated LMAO great content

  10. snowblind222


    When you learn more about the bosses in DST from a speedrun than you try to learn watching "playthrough guides"

  11. Based God

    Based God

    I tried playing this once and it wasn't really for me, but managed to watch your playthrough in its entirety - very informative and entertaining. Good job, Jakey

  12. Beau B

    Beau B

    This was both really entertaining and informative, I had no idea that some of these bosses even existed lol. I used to love dont starve and I watched hours of straight gameplay, this kind of content might get me back into it.

  13. Denise Kenney

    Denise Kenney

    this guy in an hour: (beats every boss)

  14. Reckless& Relentless

    Reckless& Relentless

    This was actually really interesting to watch, well done

  15. HaxMcGee


    I always wondered what happened if you didn't die in the first 5 minutes everytime

  16. G Dawg

    G Dawg

    "When he is at full hunger, he deals double damage"

  17. William Halim

    William Halim

    Really love the run that you did here. Me and my friend has quite a challenge on this game and i'm really glad that you managed to destroy the bosses solo. Great job dude

  18. darkmen113


    Love how far this game got. The game is amazing :)

  19. Xnate13X


    Hey, nice to see another video from you! I bought this game a long time ago and played a lot. I always played Wendy. I got about 4 people to buy the game and play it together but everyone kept dying no matter how hard I tried to carry/teach. I got pretty good at the beginning 30-40 days, but then it was too hard to carry another person. I think my best run was in the 40s. I don't like playing games alone, so gave up. I played a lot of the arena event that existed a long time ago and was in one of the first groups to beat it! That was super fun!

  20. Mike de Leon

    Mike de Leon

    Would like to thank you for this.