Something WEIRD Happened Knocking Over a HUGE Coin Tower




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    What you do with the coins ????

  2. Fireangel4eva


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    It’s called friction

  3. Virgie Medina

    Virgie Medina

    Vor 17 Stunden

    What the hey is that game

  4. Sucker711


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    It moves slower bc there is more mass. Done studying for the day, thx.

  5. Da duck

    Da duck

    Vor 21 Stunde

    That coin tower: hmm let me just defy the laws of physics

  6. Allowingtoast YT

    Allowingtoast YT

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  7. Mathy Don

    Mathy Don

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    I have no idea what this is

  8. Joy B

    Joy B

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    How do you build towers ? 🤔

  9. IndigoNomad


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    "Something really weird happened. I built a fourth tower"

  10. Your boy Yeet

    Your boy Yeet

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    Your not the pnly one who wanted to nock down 2towers

  11. jjonghomo


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    excuse me... HOW DID U BUILD A TOWER

  12. Just Dance Fan Jax Lit

    Just Dance Fan Jax Lit

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    Can we just Dont tell that he Said 554 while Its 564

  13. Gridiron Gamblers

    Gridiron Gamblers

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    Dude get a life

  14. Caleb Ellison

    Caleb Ellison

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    Everyone of these I have played your reward is the coins you make fall

  15. Sheila Gilbert

    Sheila Gilbert

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    How do u build towers

  16. Flak Yie

    Flak Yie

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    I thought you actually won money not just tickets ☠️☠️

  17. Echo_ Alternative

    Echo_ Alternative

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    Where is this?

  18. Dajon Moseley

    Dajon Moseley

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    That's game is basically gambling

  19. Tjbeach


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    Worlds biggest sucker. I mean how much can you get for 1000 tickets? Like 2 stuffed animals. Yeah I’ll keep my money thanks.

  20. chill


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  21. Timothy Tweedie

    Timothy Tweedie

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    Guys... he owns the entire machine. I'd bet money that his parents bought it for him and keep it in the garage. The only money he's "losing" from this is the money that was spent buying the machine.

  22. Gray Jedi

    Gray Jedi

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    Do u get to keep the coins?

  23. K Keenan

    K Keenan

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    nice waste of money my guy

  24. Jay Imahara

    Jay Imahara

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    "Something really weird happened..." Physics.

  25. A Ab

    A Ab

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    Bullshiy. Build it himself

  26. स्वर


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    He won a sticky octopus.

  27. Jerry Jin

    Jerry Jin

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    I would just tilt the machine…

  28. Shxdow


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  29. Big Red

    Big Red

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    Oh no...

  30. Clxud Music

    Clxud Music

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    Bro remade twin towers

  31. Emily Dixon

    Emily Dixon

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    So sus

  32. Credaji


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    It's official. That thing is haunted.

  33. The Saviour

    The Saviour

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    Coin plane

  34. B1G


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    Twin towers

  35. themikead99


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    That's not weird, the lip is angled upwards in an attempt to fix the game

  36. Demonetization


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    This is not weird.. this is called *gravity*

  37. Livid Bunny

    Livid Bunny

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    It's not weird but the laws of physics and gravity.

  38. Saurav Singh

    Saurav Singh

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    The designers have designed it so that they are always on the winning side.

  39. Daniel del Real

    Daniel del Real

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    Just enough to buy a rubber duck! Yay

  40. tardaniandGIJoe


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    Tough luck

  41. Jbird47978


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    All that for a plastic cazoo and Motley Crue mirror

  42. SuS


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    Dam that’s tuff

  43. Francis Phillipeck

    Francis Phillipeck

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    You can do whatever you want when the machine is in your garage

  44. music Studio

    music Studio

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  45. J Dizzy

    J Dizzy

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    🤔 And what's the point of you doing this??? 🤷🏽‍♂️

  46. ArborTube


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    So satisfying to see!

  47. gunyvw


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    i spent a billion dollars to get a million dollars



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    بس عطني مغنطيس 🙂

  49. HoloxFauxFecs


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    How are the towers built?

  50. ThatDudeinPhilly


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  51. Boulbaggies


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    Might aswell go to the pub and play pokies lmfao

  52. R W

    R W

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    Is this the owner's slacker kid playing?

  53. Frederico Oliveira

    Frederico Oliveira

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    This was a giant waste of my time

  54. Brian Thomason

    Brian Thomason

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    This guy has no girlfriend and will never have one

  55. The Mannyac

    The Mannyac

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    Bored, and Wealthy god

  56. Kenneth Phillips

    Kenneth Phillips

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    If there isn't a limit on how high you can build a tower then build it highest you can throwing the balance of even those towers should knock it off

  57. -wild-fox-


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    I won that before

  58. QuartzResonance


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    "None of you will experience this unless you activate Free Play mode or own an arcade machine" The Movie HD Remix.

  59. Jolly Goodbeard

    Jolly Goodbeard

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    Just thinkin about that being real quarters and not coins to tickets.. 😁🙄

  60. Shapeshifter-Sharky


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    Are you at Dave and busters forthis video?!

  61. Jenni J

    Jenni J

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    Ummm wut how

  62. just another day

    just another day

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    wow! and he cashed in his tickets for a rubber pencil eraser 😆🙄

  63. David McNamara

    David McNamara

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    New professional sport : coin pushing

  64. Zaine Pilsworth

    Zaine Pilsworth

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    Man spent $100. Got 500 tickets he can spend on 5 moams

  65. Augie Nino

    Augie Nino

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    That is a lot of coins

  66. Joel Bullard

    Joel Bullard

    Vor 10 Tage

    His machine

  67. Isaac Ortega

    Isaac Ortega

    Vor 11 Tage

    Ah, yes. Dave & Buster's teaching kids to gamble.. walk in with 200, walk out with a kazoo and a clapper hand toy, and still convince yourself you somehow won something!

  68. ♡Lunic♡


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    what the ..... heck

  69. Swammy


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    twin towers

  70. ask_Eddsworld


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  71. Yeetmeister


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    Reminds me of something🤔🛫🌇

  72. Eric PubDeff

    Eric PubDeff

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    You need a hobby.

  73. SnowyBlizzard


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    How do you build towers?

  74. Jaden Meyers

    Jaden Meyers

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    How the heck is there so many coins

  75. look at my intro

    look at my intro

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    Where is this

  76. dFlank


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    How tf did you build a tower

  77. jawn makes trash content

    jawn makes trash content

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    The kid behind him, waiting for his turn to play:

  78. Mora Softwood 82

    Mora Softwood 82

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    Still feels like losing a lot of cash

  79. illitero


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    Still waiting for that "really weird" thing to happen

  80. Kevin Reviello

    Kevin Reviello

    Vor 12 Tage

    Guy walked away with 3 erasers and a spider ring after playing

  81. youdbettertube


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    The south tower went down first, again

  82. McAmber


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  83. uncle jay jay

    uncle jay jay

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    So what prize do you win for wasting everybody's f****** time

  84. TherealNICK GURR

    TherealNICK GURR

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    OCEANS 11 of the arcade

  85. Niko Saga

    Niko Saga

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  86. Random Weirdo

    Random Weirdo

    Vor 14 Tage

    How do you even build a tower

  87. Ryan Bonner

    Ryan Bonner

    Vor 14 Tage

    Wait... What...?? How do you create towers on that game?

  88. Simply New England

    Simply New England

    Vor 14 Tage

    The edge has a magnet on it

  89. Avovado Artwork

    Avovado Artwork

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    I just watched a video of some little kid knocking over one of those towers

  90. Rejean Hill

    Rejean Hill

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  91. marioxb


    Vor 14 Tage

    Tickets? Screw that! I only play the ones that drop actual money!!

  92. couptoo contrecoup

    couptoo contrecoup

    Vor 14 Tage

    Who has no life and time to do that?

  93. P D

    P D

    Vor 14 Tage

    Imagine paying 200$ for 1000 tickets to win nothing

  94. Смерть в бахилах

    Смерть в бахилах

    Vor 15 Tage

    🔖Вау как офигенно сам автомат башенки строит незнал невидал 😯

  95. mike A.D.

    mike A.D.

    Vor 15 Tage

    talk about having no job and alot of time and money to waste

  96. Caramel Cupcake

    Caramel Cupcake

    Vor 15 Tage

    I thought they were quarters...😪😰💰

  97. The Raging Gamer on PS4

    The Raging Gamer on PS4

    Vor 15 Tage

    Just watch out for planes

  98. paul-antony whatshisface

    paul-antony whatshisface

    Vor 15 Tage

    Paying real money to win fake money. Madness.

  99. I’m basically cool.

    I’m basically cool.

    Vor 15 Tage

    twin towers