NEPO!! | GAME 9 World Chess Championship

World Chess Championship 2021 Game 9 between, Magnus Carlsen and Ian Nepomniachtchi - Magnus Leads 5-3 After 8 Games.

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  1. Jean Neymar

    Jean Neymar

    Imagine putting 9 ads on a video for reading lines given by an engine and thinking you deserve it

  2. Nico David

    Nico David

    must have been super tough for nepo

  3. TimeBucks


    Brilliant content Levi

  4. Chris Charnley

    Chris Charnley

    "It's not necessarily bad, it's just rare."

  5. Laurent Philippe

    Laurent Philippe

    I like "Magnus has some secret back alley Norwegian setups for everything!"

  6. Miguel Parra

    Miguel Parra

    The crazy screaming person on the train and the pawn centipede had me in tears. Levy has the best chess humor. And I love that you clarified the unintentional clickbait. You are the best!

  7. Shilpa Prajapati

    Shilpa Prajapati

    Levy was so sad by Ian's performance, he didn't even say "Get outta here" at the end... 🙁☹

  8. Kuheli Halder

    Kuheli Halder

    I feel so bad for Ian. The after match press conference is just torture for him. But he's still smiling and answering, one of the best sportsmanship I've seen

  9. ihathtelekinesis


    Just imagine Levy's reaction to c5 if this had been a Guess the Elo.

  10. JBI Saldy

    JBI Saldy

    Now we realise that Fabi was on perfection when he could draw 12 times in a row fighting Magnus on classical…

  11. Real Meaning Of Life

    Real Meaning Of Life

    Ian might lose the match but he earned everyone respect for great gentleman he is

  12. rbcdelta


    Polgar once said playing Magnus feels like drowning. Magnus plays an obscure line to get to a middle game the computers can't figure out and Nepo cracks again with what looks like an unforced error. In Nepo's defense, when you are trying desperately to stay afloat the pressure Magnus applies forces you to lose your grip. Too bad. Great recap again!!

  13. Will Bonney

    Will Bonney

    I think in the press conference Carlsen confirmed he was still "in prep" while using all that time, but he'd forgotten exactly how some of the line went and so was having to reconfirm everything. So everyone was kind of right, kind of wrong on that.

  14. Viktoria Saphira

    Viktoria Saphira

    Carlsen - proving legends still exist

  15. RoLettuce


    Didn't see this game before hand, as soon as I saw C5 I got really concerned over the bishop getting trapped (it's happened to me one too many times!). I figured Levy would explain the GM level crazy maneuvers that got black out of it, but I was blindsided by the reveal that it's losing! Was really reminded of when Fischer took a pawn and blundered his bishop. Thanks for the great content!

  16. Mariano Yalour

    Mariano Yalour


  17. Ozzy O.

    Ozzy O.

    This mini series has honestly been the highlight of my day for these past 9 games, I find myself at work counting down the time till I can get home and see what happened. Thank you as always for making such entertaining and enjoyable content Levy <3

  18. Youtube PS

    Youtube PS

    Magnus and Ian both saw b4 and Magnus even stated, that the best reply after Nx Rb1 would be b6. I think this was after the game or in the PC.

  19. Tyson blader

    Tyson blader

    The fact he made this 7 to 8 hours after the game is amazing

  20. Your Physics Simulator - YouTube Channel

    Your Physics Simulator - YouTube Channel

    Poor Nepo. I feel so bad for him... I feel like mentally he is devastaded after the previous match.