Making a Simple Hydrogen Generator from Washers

Construction of a simple HHO generator, made of stainless steel washers and a water bottle.


  1. Show Maker

    Show Maker

    Great project 👍

  2. Codefoto


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    Very efficient conversion by the looks of the bubbles! As a teenager I did my own version with a model train transformer as a power source and some twisted copper wire as electrodes.

  3. Jeff Burris

    Jeff Burris

    neat, thanks, I have an industrial prototype that is like a big one of these, but wasn't sure that to do about collection of the H. I wish I could make a fuel cell, but it's an odd shape compared to any acrylic tube etc., so it fits in but would probably not be good for recharging... it was made for one-way, for a gasoline car to hydrogen conversion.

  4. BENZ


    Nice job.

  5. Wilderbeast


    To improve whilst remaining simple in my opinion, also scratch up each washer to increase surface area.

  6. Relaxing Yoga Channel

    Relaxing Yoga Channel

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    Brawo! Dales mi ochote to teraz zbudowac!

  7. BowHunter36 *

    BowHunter36 *

    It's a shame that I didn't find science as interesting as I do now as an adult. I love when people put things like this together

  8. anjhindul


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    Good on you for letting everyone know this is outputting HHO not just HH, I wonder how I could make this a dual generator (so the gasses aren't mixed)... because THIS design intrigues me!

  9. Normand Paré

    Normand Paré

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    Thanks for the video. Very interesting. Have you calculated the hydrogen volume produced by one bottle. I am curious to know.

  10. S Mirsky

    S Mirsky

    I'm glad you showed how dangerous the gas could be at the end. Impressive design for home electrolysis!

  11. Robert Lyle

    Robert Lyle

    TIP: When drilling those washers, use a screw through the center hole into a wood block to hold it securely in case the drill bit catches.

  12. Lucas K Pinheiro

    Lucas K Pinheiro

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    Parabéns, muito caprichado!!!

  13. Dark


    Exceptional project

  14. Kevin Luo

    Kevin Luo

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    I like how straight to the point this tutorial is.

  15. Mia 🥂T[A]P Me!! to Have [𝐒]𝐄𝐗 With 𝐌𝐞

    Mia 🥂T[A]P Me!! to Have [𝐒]𝐄𝐗 With 𝐌𝐞

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    That looked very efficient. Mine didn't make that much as fast and I was using a jumper box. I haven't messed with one in so long I forgot what I made mine out of. But the hydrogen in soapy water is a kicker. Flammable floating bubbles. You can get a big tower going. Make sure you do it outside on a windless day.

  16. Moises Jair Luiz

    Moises Jair Luiz

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    Muito interessante!!

  17. Maarten Hulskemper

    Maarten Hulskemper

    For anyone replicating this (nice design!) at home: pre-measure the amount of water you're going to use. KOH is a

  18. Acá Estamos

    Acá Estamos

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    Very good video. Thank you so much for sharing it. I have a doubt. The process you accomplish is called electrolysis. Separates Hydrogen from Oxygen in water. I understand that one of the electrical poles will separate the hydrogen, and the other the oxygen. Now, you are collecting the gas from a single valve, common to the entire cylinder. How do you get only hydrogen out there; and not a mixture of the two gases?

  19. Hugo Nascimento

    Hugo Nascimento

    Well done! Tonant gas is very explosive. Make sure to not overload the battery and that the bottle is made of polypropylene, polycarbonate or other polymer that will withstand strong alcaline solutions. Stainless steel is not advised to make anodes because it can generates chrome six ions, a carcinogen.

  20. metamorph


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    neat project. I know someone who put a similar setup in their car and the output tube onto the carburettor. not sure what effects it had but also a bit of fun