The Matrix Resurrections - Déjà Vu

ẅ̷̩̞̥̯͈́͊͛̋̍͑̊̕ä̷̼̗̫̲̯̥̪̠̱̀̇̍͂̀͆̚ͅk̷̢̛̻̙͎̟͚͓͖̆͂̈́̿͒̕è̸͖̙̑̊̾̉ ̴̧̠̘̖̳͓͈̽̿̆̔̒̂̂̄̒͘u̵̻͇̹͇̝̮̟̎͒͋̂͗͒̇ṕ̷̻̤̐͐͒̅̽̏

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  1. Just Some Guy without a Mustache

    Just Some Guy without a Mustache

    I already have a feeling they're going to deliver with this movie, Keanu is just too much of a legend in my book.

  2. Better Chapter

    Better Chapter

    I’m going to watch this movie, and I’m going to enjoy it.

  3. Andreas Nordvall

    Andreas Nordvall

    To have a trailer consistently hint that it's repeating patterns from the old films but then end it with "maybe this isn't the story we think it is" is such a great hook. I can't wait to see what they do with this meta approach to reboots.

  4. 12tranoke


    They have a huge bar to overcome, hope this does not disappoint.

  5. Michael Ratz

    Michael Ratz

    Easily one of THE best and most creative trailers I have ever seen!! I never knew so many shots from each film fit perfectly with other shots from other films in the series!! 🤩😎🥳🤩😎🥳🤩😎🥳

  6. Chris Corley

    Chris Corley

    Vor 28 Tage

    A definite for fans of Reloaded and Revolutions, as Resurrections completes this craziness. And, Jessica Henwick as the character Bugs, totally rocked it!!! 💥

  7. Lautaro Maiarú

    Lautaro Maiarú

    This is how you make a trailer. Not spoiling the story, but creating true interest on it.

  8. Devon Laughlin

    Devon Laughlin

    This looks legit and very high budget. The first one was like that. The first one has a feel to it no other modern movie can touch. I'm getting the same vibes from this clip. I'm hoping it's the same surreal quality because the first one was a masterpiece

  9. Scenic Fights

    Scenic Fights

    The Matrix Resurrections looks really good so far. It will def be better than The Matrix Revolutions.

  10. johntaper


    I was worried they were going to try to cram too much into a 90 minute movie. So happy it's 2.5 hours long.

  11. Jason Sumner

    Jason Sumner

    Got to be honest, when i first heard they were doing a fourth film i was kinda "meh" but having seen all three of the trailers, i'm excited.

  12. Júlio Alves

    Júlio Alves

    Oh, man. I really hope they don't mess this movie up. It's looking great so far.

  13. TimeBucks


    what a brilliant marketing campaign so far

  14. 3dgar 7eandro

    3dgar 7eandro

    I won't lie: Matrix is literally my all time favorite movie 😎🔥🔥🔥

  15. Abraham Ramirez

    Abraham Ramirez

    I'm loving the marketing for this film so far! It makes it seems as if Laurence Fishburne and Hugo Weavings absence will be acknowledged!

  16. Barry Adams

    Barry Adams

    No lie. Goosebumps just shot up my arm. The 1999 film was epic. Hoping I leave the theater 12/22 with that same level of wonderment & awe.

  17. shadowmaniac78


    I just love that line at

  18. Whgu ybnm

    Whgu ybnm

    It's been a long time since I've been this excited about seeing a movie. Can not wait.

  19. Josh Runyon

    Josh Runyon

    It's honestly kinda brilliant what they're doing here, literally rebooting the Matrix server and the franchise at the same time, it's really cool.

  20. Mike Donovan

    Mike Donovan

    I think it's hilarious that Keanu has just got the one look now, regardless of movie etc ! 😂