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  1. Reggaeton Latin

    Reggaeton Latin

    ADELE -

  2. ilovetotravel


    “Bye, Miss” 🥺 the respect and admiration for our teachers never goes away

  3. PeytonJo16


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    For any teacher out there, this just goes to show how appreciated you are. Kids may not always show it in your classroom, but you are making a difference. I think I’d have the same reaction if I were able to reunite with my teachers from grades 4 and 8. Those two women made a huge difference in my life. I just wish that I could tell them.

  4. 101IQ


    The fact that they asked an open ended question like that and she instantly thought of that teacher is amazing especially since she only taught her for a single year. Amazing

  5. Moody Blues

    Moody Blues

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    Alan clearly is a real friend. Adele clearly is who she is. We all love her for this, don't we? Let alone her music. 🥰

  6. Leah IAMHOPE Sulony

    Leah IAMHOPE Sulony

    Mr. Donald Toler, who was my substitute teacher for all of Grade 5, if you are out there, your teachings resonate with me everyday. Even when there wasn't a single blind person in our class, you taught us how to properly assist a blind person across the street. You made us better humans. Thank you!

  7. Anselmo Lima

    Anselmo Lima

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    As an Engllish teacher I say: This makes me feel amazing about what I teach and how I teach. Good Feelings!

  8. Angelo


    Adele is pure class, and has never forgotten where she came from, nor the people that influenced her. Much respect.

  9. le th

    le th

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    "Thank you for remembering me" her former teacher says. lol Teachers have no idea how they can be a child's saving grace, often because we are too young to tell them how much their kindness, a simple smile when their eyes meet ours, or even just a simple kind word of encouragement or acceptance if we make a mistake, can last forever in the memory of that one child and likely many other children.

  10. FKerBro


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    will forever love that she doesn’t pretend she’s someone she’s not. so genuine, and very open about her background. loads of celebrities shy away from it but not adele

  11. elizzybec saenz

    elizzybec saenz

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    Cried like a faucet. I'm an English teacher. To know her teacher made such a difference is inspiring!!

  12. Ur Mom

    Ur Mom

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    This honestly made me cry too, like she didn’t care about the thousands of people there when she cried. She remembers where she’s came from and who was there to help her along the way. I wish everyone was like her

  13. Bellabob5


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    I love the way she says “Bye Miss”, as no matter how old you get (or successful in her case..!) you just can’t call a teacher by their actual name, it’d be too weird! 😆

  14. Harlowism46


    This is an example of how impactful teachers can be, she only taught her for a year but obviously had such a big impact that she cried after seeing her

  15. Laughing At You

    Laughing At You

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    I love Adele. She has such a great voice but I like that she is not a "diva" and so approachable and down to earth. Allen's offkey singing is awesome.

  16. poultryfarm Guide

    poultryfarm Guide

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    I'm a teacher, and this the best feeling ever. You get to see it on and on. Despite the poor pay and recognition here in West Africa, we keep doing what we do because it is the best means to touch people's lives.

  17. carina Pelozo

    carina Pelozo

    One of the most powerful singer, so humble and didn’t forget he teacher.

  18. Kendall Rhodes

    Kendall Rhodes

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    Adele is pure class and this was a beautiful moment.

  19. 영희진


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    This is so amazing!❤ It made me cry. 😥 I also have an English teacher like this who inspired and encouraged me so much. Because of her I look forward to my English lessons. My passion for writing continued because of her.

  20. zackam1306


    The fact one of the biggest celebrities on the planet cried seeing her English teacher and asked her permission to exchange numbers 😂😭. humble ❤️❤️