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The Guards of Squid Game Explained | Squid Game Explained

The Guards of Squid Game (2021) Explained. A quick comprehensive guide and analysis of the guards/staff in Squid Game. In this video I will also be pointing out things like the meaning behind the shapes and hidden details. As well as debunking theories like whether or not choosing a red square meant that you were going to be a guard and choosing a blue square meant that you were going to be a player. So who are the guards? Find out in this video!

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This video was made by Bryce Edward Brown




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    I would be realy much fun to be a. Circle soooo i would be circle

  2. Adrienne Ean

    Adrienne Ean

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    I would be a triangle

  3. jasper budiono

    jasper budiono

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    Just like Alice in Borderland. Once the game ended (no more puzzle left), people who survived can become the puzzle maker for new upcoming players. But everytime players won puzzle, the person who made the puzzle will die.



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    I can’t wait for jelly fgsme

  5. The Equalizer English

    The Equalizer English

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    Can't wait for Octopus game

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  7. Peppy


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    Yes, I thought the same thing at first - they have to be pretty well paid for doing such less than glamorous jobs in less than glamorous conditions even though some of them had to resort to side hustles like the organ harvesting business. It makes me wonder that maybe they are there against their will and kept in check through fear of their lives. That if they try to escape, they will be tracked down, so they can't really escape. I guess it's a combination of both. It kind of reminds me of how Jeffrey Epstein and his associates first recruited girls and used them through paying them and through coercion and fear to make them recruit other girls.

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  9. Mohammed Ali

    Mohammed Ali

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    What’s the symbolism of the Playstation buttons? 😅

  10. Lisa Michaelynn

    Lisa Michaelynn

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    There's going to be an octopus game!?!?!

  11. SageNinja


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    I want to be a square guard

  12. WonderJet921


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    triangle heh. circle always get pushed around and square has too much responsibility and I would definitely not feel comfortable around other people.

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    Fynna Apon

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    Dianna Griffiths

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  15. Isaac Mendieta (Student)

    Isaac Mendieta (Student)

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    I Would be a Square guard.

  16. Mikeyboi


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    Director shutdown the red blue theory it was a reference to an old folktale about a ghost in a bathroom that offered people blue or red tissue but would either way be a player so the card theory isn't true:( they're probably previous winners

    • Mikeyboi


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      Even if you do ask me if I watched the vid I won't answer so that won't be a purpose 😃

    • Mikeyboi


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      Now don't ask me if I watched the video yes I have I'm just saying facts

  17. Jake Pace

    Jake Pace

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    Its not a reference to the matrix its based on a korean urban legend where a fhost comes out the toilet and gives you blue toilet paper and red toilet paper

  18. Kyle Saritelli

    Kyle Saritelli

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    Not related to the guards but to the first game and how half the people died in it. What really bothers me about it is that you clearly saw a lot of people that didn't run in the initial panic get killed because someone ran into them and either jostled them or knocked them over.

  19. Nowfal Riad

    Nowfal Riad

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  20. Khai Do

    Khai Do

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    7:14 I disagree. If the frontman or some other staff member saw that they are calling from a cop station, they probably do this : "Hey, they are calling from a police station. Lets forward this to some old lady."

  21. mr red

    mr red

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    Why they can just kill the front man besides they have gun

  22. kendramacc


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    my theory is their food is laced with something that makes them less human. this is how they kill people so ruthlessly

  23. Erin Brown

    Erin Brown

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    I hope there is a season 2

  24. Erin Brown

    Erin Brown

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    I would be the frontman the highest rank of squid game and I’m 8



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    Your theory about red and blue squares was debunked by Ho Yeon Jung in youtube Vanity video. It is not related to the Matrix or whether someone will be a player or guard. In the video she says the director was referencing an urban legend in Korea about a ghost in the bathroom that offers you red or blue toilet paper.

  26. Gamer infinity

    Gamer infinity

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    I want to be a square ⬛

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    I would be a square

  28. Mickey F

    Mickey F

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    It was 201 players eliminated in the first game on the first episode of the season

  29. Krysten Tshudy

    Krysten Tshudy

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    I know who the fuck man actually is

  30. Cool Gamer 9-1-1

    Cool Gamer 9-1-1

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    I agree with the card thing cause if you look at the screen around 4:00 a player has already picked a Red Card.

  31. Abraham Lincoln - 16th President of the US

    Abraham Lincoln - 16th President of the US

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    Triangles: WELCOME TO KOREA (I wanna say america but this isn’t where this is located)

  32. Arlette Love

    Arlette Love

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    I wan be a circle ⭕️

  33. Arlette Love

    Arlette Love

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    Hmm think about that I wanna be a scrare

  34. Mr Baxter

    Mr Baxter

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    Squid game sucks

  35. Grapefruit soda GS

    Grapefruit soda GS

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    Now the fandom and everything makes sense

  36. Just Some Guy with Long Hair

    Just Some Guy with Long Hair

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    Great vid

  37. Theaxolotlking20


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    I would be a Square because i could betray the games

  38. Aiden Fang

    Aiden Fang

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    Are there girl squares triangles?

  39. BDevlin Vintage

    BDevlin Vintage

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    triangle guard

  40. (@amaika_clud@)


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    All guards it's a boy or girl I think they are boys

  41. Su tart

    Su tart

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    Oh no playstation buttons are now sentient!

  42. Mitchell Elven

    Mitchell Elven

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    Well If Im A Guard I Will Choose Triangle Because I Only Think Blood, Saw Blood And Know Blood

  43. 2821_Sharvari Kurundwad_SYBA A

    2821_Sharvari Kurundwad_SYBA A

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    idk if anyone remembers this but when the police starts working as a guard,every night he hears some other guard coughing.He ignores it on the first night but on the second night he tries to understand it and types something on his phone in the morse code.I feel like that will be explored more in the next season.

    • Shadi


      Vor 2 Tage

      no I don't think so. the guard who was coughing was number 28, giving the cop signal to join him in that organ sale thing. that's why the cop went with him the next night, because now he knew what those coughing meant.

  44. 巧兒


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    This is my first time to watch such a bloody film😂 like your detailed and evidence-based explanation ~

  45. Thuymai Truong

    Thuymai Truong

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    I really was typing this but I really want to know who is behind this?

  46. Lucas Black

    Lucas Black

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    Triangle or square

  47. aman dhaliwal

    aman dhaliwal

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    i can’t wait for octopus game

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  49. I like squid game DEATH

    I like squid game DEATH

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    Click on me and I’m a youtuber now click about I’m an Indonesian I can speak Indonesia’s and inglish did I spell it right? And hahahhaa🤣

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  51. ChrySalis1113


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    How did the "organ snatcher" guards come to be?! The 2 circle (scuba) guys knew what each other looked like. There were 2 circles (yes, 1 was a cop). 2 triangles. 1 square. They weren't allowed to communicate w/each other, yet they were well organized.



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    You know I would love to be the triangle-guard

  53. Anthony Toledo

    Anthony Toledo

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    Aka the gun ones

  54. Mishka B

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    I would be a triangle guard

  55. Mewtwo


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    The Boss should have used the "X" as symbol.... ***PlayStation fan's breath intensifies***

  56. John


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  57. Vivian Hong

    Vivian Hong

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    ( | | ) I tried do make a guard :(

  58. triangle guard

    triangle guard

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    So this vedio is about me oh and I forgot here's a card with a number call it for a surprise*gives card*

  59. Faliha aslam

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    I love the guards!!!💕💕❤️❤️♥️♥️

  60. Eyasu Molla

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  61. R W

    R W

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    Guards were gangsters with proven track records. Squid Game was one of many businesses run by one or more cartels. Like the game contestants, the VIPs competed for the privilege of gambling in the game

  62. R W

    R W

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    How much do the VIP's pay for the pleasure

  63. Will Julian

    Will Julian

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    If I had to pick I'd say I'd rather be a triangle than a square cuz I don't think the triangles do much other than shoot the losers

  64. Kapelski


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    1:38 All the games are SUPER unethical. The only reason the players even are there is that their other life is so bad it's worth risking it all for the smallest chance of success. The game organizers deliberately prayed on that desperation and lower status in the real world.

  65. Ocean Sidez

    Ocean Sidez

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    Magenta??! OWO its red. ;-;

  66. bijeesh vasudevan

    bijeesh vasudevan

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    Sorry one big mistake..participants who didn't return were killed that's y the price amount went back to 456 billion...

  67. ka_lo_tin


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    i want to be a triangel

  68. abraham meshuko

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    you've explained nothing lol

  69. Dion Arga

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    I dont like that

  70. XELSTO


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    The guards are actually red there's a effect that make them pinkish

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    If playstation became a person

  73. Alex M

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    I am going to be the triangle card for example

  74. DJ Catch Up

    DJ Catch Up

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    I will be a o

  75. ZaronIsE109


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    among us + playstation = guard

  76. Ad_RedMesa


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    I would rather get red instead

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    i would be a triangle

  78. Elaine Alayan

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  79. Freedom Phoenix Goat

    Freedom Phoenix Goat

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    fun? you consider loading people into coffins and sometimes burning them alive, fun? sorry what? No I do not think it would be fun to be lowest rank worker in a criminal organization.

  80. Cambo Gamer

    Cambo Gamer

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    guards look awesomely cool

  81. Si Šimon

    Si Šimon

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    I would pick red cause I love red.

  82. Jose Peixoto

    Jose Peixoto

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    squid,is it a game or is it a movie? i am old i could not care less

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    triangle guard

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    prince of charming

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    well explained

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    บุณปัน พรานป้อง

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    Just want to be circle itz fun

  86. Ninth Doctor

    Ninth Doctor

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    My debunk for the card theory is that the salesmen pick red to force the players to pick blue, Symbolising the salesmen's association with Squid Game, and showing that any player turned guard was always a player at one point.

  87. Francesca Stanford

    Francesca Stanford

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    PART 2

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    I would rather choose Circle

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    Not octopus game

  92. davit nanishvili

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    It's squid game bro

  93. davit nanishvili

    davit nanishvili

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    Wdym octopus game

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    Kinda sus

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    it's your mama

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    Make a video what the squid game people can't take off their masks

  97. Perseus Gavin Lansangan

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    If i was in the squid game i'll be a triangle because i wanna kill civilians

  98. TheAnimeBacon


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    Red hair guy is the frontman

  99. very nice Chheng

    very nice Chheng

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    I want to be a square 🔲

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    there will not be a octopus game