Janet tries a Fashion Hack


  1. Kat Blaque

    Kat Blaque

    Hahahah! I remember when I was sooooooo into these DIYs until I realized that stuff like this makes a lot of them impractical. Now I just literally make what I want to wear. Lol. It's easier to just crop and hem your sweater lol

  2. Hanako•Misaki


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    I can’t stop rewatching it 😭😭 “WHAT TF JANET?”

  3. Maddy Is Mad

    Maddy Is Mad

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    The, "What the f*ck Janet" had me dying for like 3 minutes, it was so perfect 🤣

  4. Bribe


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    Fun Fact: You can’t breathe while smiling

  5. Ana Mazing

    Ana Mazing

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    Just use a pretty bralette. The kind that are made to be seen, yet still have support and elastic to hold the top in place. Then you have a dynamic outfit for both indoors and outdoors!

  6. onee


    That "What the f*ck Janet?!" was just perfect! 🤣

  7. Akaza da vizinha

    Akaza da vizinha

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    "WHAT THE F*CK JANET?" Vou aderir.

  8. Jace Jo

    Jace Jo

    I love how aggressive Janet said UNDERNEATH A BRA 😂

  9. ¡ Eshun !

    ¡ Eshun !

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    You can also use a belt, which is more secure and doesn’t look that weird when you take it off.

  10. Little's Diary

    Little's Diary

    The reality is so funny 🤣🤣 I can't stop watching it😂😂

  11. Blue


    These shorts are so entertaining they make my day better🥰

  12. Kaito GDTS

    Kaito GDTS

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    The way she said “What the fuck Janet!?!??” Was so funny

  13. callmekai_16


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    the “WOT THA FOOK JANET?” is why i am now subscribing

  14. Kalani Dupras

    Kalani Dupras

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    “WHAT THE F*** JANET!” Might be the best thing I heard all year

  15. :D luv yall <3

    :D luv yall <3

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    I live for the "what the f Janet?!?!" It's hilarious I laugh harder everytime I watch it 🤣 🤣🤣

  16. Aracelli V

    Aracelli V

    Definitely a wintery fashion tip.

  17. Funny Jokes

    Funny Jokes

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    Can we just appreciate that these shorts save everyone's boredom everyday 💖

  18. Xxx jasminexXx

    Xxx jasminexXx

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    "it's not a mistake'' ✨IT'S A MASTERPIECE

  19. Jelly_Ballz


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    "its not a mistake",✨ ITS A MASTERPIECE ✨

  20. jellywoozy


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    "It's not a mistake", ✨ IT'S A MASTERPIECE ✨