Maneskin - Somebody Told Me


  1. Genesis Yriarte

    Genesis Yriarte

    This doesn’t look like they’re competing. This looks like they are performing on their own show like WHAT?! THIS WAS MAGNIFICENT

  2. Mandy C

    Mandy C

    This is one of those bands where everyone knows what they’re supposed to be doing and does it so well. They all fit their roles so well and seem so cohesive on stage and like they’re having fun to boot

  3. moonlit laurel

    moonlit laurel

    Not me watching every Maneskin video there is after seeing them win eurovision. Definitely not me...

  4. Olivia


    They sounded absolutely brilliant at Eurovision and outstanding here too especially considering at the time of filming this they were all 16-18 - like what?! They sounded like professionals performing their own show never mind competing!!! I don’t usually fall in love with the eurovision musicians but these guys have become my favourite band - can’t wait to see their next accomplishments, they’re definitely going to go far - ROCK ON! 🤘🏻🎸🔥

  5. Ria Ma

    Ria Ma

    What the fuck? we needed Eurosong to discover THIS ?!!??!! THIS IS WOW. Unbelievable. Every video i love them more and more

  6. Nata Poliakova

    Nata Poliakova

    Рок вечен💖🤘🤘🤘

  7. Juhopir


    Vor 3 years

    This is amazing. The energy the group has, i like the way singer and bassist took control of the stage. And very cool outfits all of the band members. Not maybe perfect english by the vocalist but this is very cool version still :)

  8. mochi



  9. Baby Cthulhu

    Baby Cthulhu

    I dunno why everyone thinks his English is bad, I think it’s actually good and from hearing this cover I actually finally know what it says in the lead up to the chorus: ‘I never thought I’d let a rumour ruin my whole life’, never knew what the original singer was saying lmfao 🤣 So his English aint bad at all is what I’m tryna prove here :D

  10. sandra


    to have this much charisma on stage when you're 16-18 years old is incredible, truly one of the biggest marks of these guys being born for this path. they were so young here and still are today and yet they already looked complete and only getting better. i'm so happy that this generation is bringing flesh blood to the mainstream rock sound bc it feels like for long long years now you only hear about the same names in the business. i hope only the best for their future and that they'll stay rocking for decades serving good music to us all!

  11. Anastasia Dawson

    Anastasia Dawson

    Даже нет чувства, что они тут просто конкурсанты Х-фактора, это уже как будто их концерт🤩

  12. Alisa


    You know they are legends when their live performances sound like studio versions.

  13. Ксения Ксения

    Ксения Ксения

    Сколько харизмы у этого парня, ему даже петь не обязательно

  14. Nevenka Tadić

    Nevenka Tadić

    What a revelation!!! For a long long time I haven't heard or seen such a fullfiling rock performance. What a sound!!! What an energy!!! What a vibe!!! What a band. And the voice!!! Stunning!!! Good luck, guys. You deserve everything that comes your way. Injoy. 🏆👌💝

  15. Cameron Riddle

    Cameron Riddle

    As an American, I heard their cover of “Beggin” just last week. I heard and vividly remember the the Step Up 3 film’s cover song back in 2010. Hearing them cover other songs as if they were their own, Maneskin’s got some HUGE future, considering the trajectory of the hard rock sound coming back into the mainstream. Best of luck to this group 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🔥

  16. Androse Simon

    Androse Simon

    Vor 12 Stunden

    El equipo obtuvo un nivel diferente de perfección en el desempeño. La energía de Maneskin es increíble.

  17. Ankara Black

    Ankara Black


  18. Настя vey

    Настя vey

    Господии, это идеально. Сколько харизмы, какие же они шикарные♥️

  19. Полина


    Who's esle having Maneskin marathon?)

  20. Анна Романова

    Анна Романова

    Даже если бы они не выиграли Евро, то всё равно стали бы фетучинни моего сердца