Testing The Purple Mattress Raw Egg Test

This video is not a paid sponsorship.
But here is a link to their mattress anyway:

Link: prpl.cc/2Wu2vBr

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  1. Purple


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    You're the next Golidlocks!

    • User


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      Hey, uhh.. can you send me a mattress too? For official testing purposes, of course

    • BrettR


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    • TyMV


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      Y’all gotta figure out what’s in that dudes couch

    • Kenneth Rosado

      Kenneth Rosado

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      @purple if you send me a mattress I’ll sleep on it because I have a few herniated discs (for several years and several injury’s) and my back always hurts because of my mattress it does no justice for my pain and back issues 😢❤️‍🩹🥺

    • Anthony’s Corner

      Anthony’s Corner

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      Can I be the bear please! I have always been interested in your mattresses! Looks awesome. Do y’all have tall mattresses?

  2. Fellzer


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    "Stretchy. It's what their made of" wow science harder

  3. daniel


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    This mattress is built different

  4. Sally Simpson

    Sally Simpson

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    My husband and I have had our Purple mattress for 5 years. Was fine for about six month then started to have dips where each of us slept. The company wanted us to put water jugs on the mattress and take pictures to send them to prove that our mattress has the dips. The problem with that is a water jug Weighs at most 5 pounds. We literally can’t prove in a picture that this garbage mattress that cost us $2700 is defective and has not held up the way that they portrayed it to. Do not purchase this mattress. Another thing to consider as well is if you ever plan on moving this mattress once it is on its equally crappy frame, it’s literally close to impossible without at least four or five grown men to help you pick it up because of its weight. We have a king size and it’s very hard to distribute that large of a wobbly piece of legitimate plastic to move it effectively. We had to lay on it to fold it in half and then tape it. Seriously though, this is a public service announcement do not purchase this type of mattress you will be disappointed.

  5. Anesha Berry

    Anesha Berry

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    I'm torn between the great marketing and the waste of the eggs.

  6. zeldafreak888


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    So what you are saying to me is that since the egg finally broke, that this product is a lie and it ain’t shit

  7. Hammer Sandoval

    Hammer Sandoval

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    Purple test failed, returning my mattress today🤔

  8. Elmer Gloo

    Elmer Gloo

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    How do eggs have anything to do with the comfort of a mattress?

  9. East Side woods

    East Side woods

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    Damn and I’m over here with back pain needing a new bed 😂

  10. Mark G

    Mark G

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    lies, sponsored video

  11. Mark G

    Mark G

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    sponsored and fake

  12. Dani Burke

    Dani Burke

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    It actually takes a couple days to unfalte all the way

  13. LeeSoenAh


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    I'm sorry, is that what mattresses are expected to do these day? Hold your eggs?

  14. sus he

    sus he

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    What If you put eggs on alle The holes?

  15. no name

    no name

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    "pretty cool mattress" Yeah, for eggs.

  16. Angel Baker

    Angel Baker

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    pro tip: the mini mattresses are for fapping

  17. Nick Del Mauro

    Nick Del Mauro

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    and it even holds the egg like this! *shows me*

  18. David Owen Creates

    David Owen Creates

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    Hm... I kind of want one now? Purple can you send me a mattress 💜

  19. Tammie L

    Tammie L

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    I seriously love my Purple!

  20. 97' Nissan R390

    97' Nissan R390

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    So uhh, we not gonna talk about how this man held a saw-zaw with one hand above his friend?

  21. J dsnce_

    J dsnce_

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    My job used to have the seat cushion and I recommended it to someone for there car not sure if it’s safe for cars during summer but it’s comfortable to sit on you can put like a set of keys under it and you won’t even feel it

  22. SeanPaul DotCom

    SeanPaul DotCom

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    Spend our tax money on somthing else...

  23. Trey Kennedy

    Trey Kennedy

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    Purple is a super sketchy company. The owner worked for, then stole the design from a company called intellibed, found some legal loophole in the patent. Don't buy from them!

  24. Trey Kennedy

    Trey Kennedy

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    Purple is a super sketchy company. The owner worked for, then stole the design from a company called intellibed, found some legal loophole in the patent. Don't buy from them!

  25. Mister Rhodes

    Mister Rhodes

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  26. Crystal Maldonado

    Crystal Maldonado

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  27. Rachel Thompson 🧡

    Rachel Thompson 🧡

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  28. The Kid

    The Kid

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    Those mattresses smell like straight gasoline

  29. Dylan Crowl

    Dylan Crowl

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    Eggs are shaped in a way to make them very hard to break if force is applied all around it, which is why it’s very hard to break an egg just by squeezing it or in this case not break at all

  30. Woodshadow


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    So it’s not really better than couch? What’s the point of buying it then

  31. Michael Tunde

    Michael Tunde

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    I need this

  32. Alexander James

    Alexander James

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  33. Im Here

    Im Here

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    Do they still have the white powder issue or is that over

  34. phoenix strongeagle

    phoenix strongeagle

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    Big multi holed fleshlight

  35. Red Dragowulf 12

    Red Dragowulf 12

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    I want that mattress it looks so heckin comfy

  36. LaMouzingdu Dash

    LaMouzingdu Dash

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    Thx loox great for my SPINE 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

  37. Mrtwinkie23


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    Bro seeing that stain broke my heart

  38. edIyeah Pro

    edIyeah Pro

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    Y’all just love to waste food huh… very American of you

  39. NotSweetland


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    “And it even holds the egg like this” who knew it doubles as the worlds largest egg carton 😂

  40. PeakEd ExPLOsion

    PeakEd ExPLOsion

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    So the limit is 999

  41. Dean Blue

    Dean Blue

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    They promised and delivered

  42. Ebenezer Samraj

    Ebenezer Samraj

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    Any Studio C fans here

  43. Joey White

    Joey White

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    If you dont want the mattress anymore I'll take it please

  44. LynnRG


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    The technique used in the matrass is the same in the hospital. But most of them are used for people who lay in bed in the same position for days (such as coma patients). So for normal sleep you better can have a non gel honey comb matrass so you can move around more 😉

  45. Celine Grace Sotto

    Celine Grace Sotto

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    "We have mini mattresses and their pretty stretchy cuz that's what their made out of" Did I hear that correctly or-

  46. Yeet Sunday

    Yeet Sunday

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  47. Armani Perry

    Armani Perry

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    Put all eggs in the purple in lay in them

  48. Blaze Beats

    Blaze Beats

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    Food waste 🤬

  49. minecraft player

    minecraft player

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    Can i have a small one

  50. Zacharia Powell

    Zacharia Powell

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    You know you’re good when a sponsored video was the one that made me subscribe

  51. N J G

    N J G

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    K, but you didn’t test a normal mattress…

  52. Nourah


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    What the hell did I just watch ?

  53. BubbaJPirates


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    Isn't this the company that sued reviewer(s) for leaving bad reviews?

  54. Spidey W0lf

    Spidey W0lf

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    Their made of stretchy

  55. Madyson Reed

    Madyson Reed

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    I hate squishy mattresses. I feel like I’m sinking

  56. TheScarletAria


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    Would now be a good time to admit that I did the egg test when I bought my Purple? 🤣

  57. 【Pump】


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    They are super stretchy because that is what they are made of like what are they made of what material what material

  58. Ella Lewis

    Ella Lewis

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    I could still smash my phonr

  59. Leslie A.

    Leslie A.

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    I wish purple would sent me a free mattress I need a new one. And I would baby it not mess it up. 😭😪

  60. letsdewitup extras

    letsdewitup extras

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    Don’t forget about harmful powder in the mattress

  61. Jenjin Mcg

    Jenjin Mcg

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    What a great way to waste food.

  62. India Reacts

    India Reacts

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    Don't waste food

  63. New Wind’s Flow

    New Wind’s Flow

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    Purple: bane of how to basic

  64. Himiko toga❤️💜

    Himiko toga❤️💜

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  65. Unit


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    I work at a furniture store, and let me tell you these purple mattresses are the stupidest thing in here. They are way heavier than they should be..

  66. Hugh Janus

    Hugh Janus

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    Those mattresses cause cancer. Some purple powder that rubs off. Look it up.

  67. Worm


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    This is a legitimate ad

  68. Jared House

    Jared House

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    There’s no way he didn’t think about putting his wiener in it

  69. HeLp🇮🇪


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    Oh my

  70. Kayla Clevers

    Kayla Clevers

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    Lol I have this mattress

  71. Generic Title

    Generic Title

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    I still haven't forgotten when they were under fire for having plastic dust in their mattress and them not having any good responses except attacking anyone who criticised them

  72. dmcgeee18


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    Very scientific tests

  73. Naqui Hasan Shamsi

    Naqui Hasan Shamsi

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    Wastage of eggs

  74. Nickz1lla


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    this "thing" is to heavy as a mover i hate purple mattresses they are just extremely floppy and very heavy trying to get on of those in a mattress box or take it up 6 flights of stairs is just horrible

  75. Nic Angelo Maru

    Nic Angelo Maru

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    Basically a very expensive egg tray

  76. Cristian Garcia

    Cristian Garcia

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    Loving my purple 3!

  77. Maggie


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    It’s so funny bc I was one of the first ppl to see his tiktok about starting a giant rubber band ball and now the thing is ginormous

  78. Ivan Stayner

    Ivan Stayner

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    You can pinch an egg from the top and bottom. And you won't break it. Eggs are stronger than you may think.

  79. Andrew Jarvis

    Andrew Jarvis

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    Can i have whats left of it

  80. ZETSU_NastyEvo


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    I used to work at purple. I still got a cali king. I do miss working there at times

  81. bruh kokichi simp be like :^

    bruh kokichi simp be like :^

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    You should fill all the holes with eggs :)

  82. 《Bapa》李杰


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    Nice ad for an overpriced plastic mattress

  83. Azahh Breuh

    Azahh Breuh

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    I'm a Twin XL customer my experience with the mattress has been simple, straight to the point, sleep. It's not a ridiculously comfortable mattress so when you wake up, you're up. It doesn't motivate you to snooze the extra 15 minutes, which I appreciate. And after a work day it's perfect to dive into and doze off very quickly. It's a top tier basic mattress imo.

  84. Aryan Redfield

    Aryan Redfield

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    And You just watched an advertisement without noticing.

  85. JF_ kein_K

    JF_ kein_K

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  86. Thomas Baker

    Thomas Baker

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    I had my mattress a little over a year. It is very comfortable. I lie down almost as soon as I get home from work.

  87. Kyle Aegis

    Kyle Aegis

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    I don't think you know what flat means.

  88. Blue Thunderbolt 1003 siren

    Blue Thunderbolt 1003 siren

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    Bruh I just got a purple ad just to watch this again lol

  89. A C

    A C

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    We live in a remarkably wasteful time 🤦‍♂️

  90. Demonetization


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    While he's just boring : Peoples are diying outside in general ignorance

  91. WolfAlpha


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    Yep lets destroy eggs to test a fucking mattress.Makes perfect sense

    • ‎

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      What's your problem?

  92. Peara Theodore

    Peara Theodore

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    Eggs were harmed in making this

  93. Vania Brown

    Vania Brown

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    I’ve always wanted a purple mattress 🥰💜

  94. Skystar Blue

    Skystar Blue

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    Bro why the hell are u wasting those eggs

  95. WarHog JK

    WarHog JK

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    Love mine I’ve had it for couple years. Such a great investment

  96. Daniel Liston

    Daniel Liston

    Vor 3 Tage

    You can't trust a product a company sent to you if the company knows you were going to test it. They could try to modify it so it would outperform what it would normally do.

  97. Alex Montalvo

    Alex Montalvo

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    Sleeping on a twin size mattress is on the floor Please I need this mattress send it to me. I will pay for the shipping. Thank you !



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  99. Ogrefight21


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    You are supposed to open the mattress