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A carpentry trick everyone needs to know!


  1. Blue


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    *These shorts make my day* 👑

    • Welshwazza


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      You driving off a cliff would make my day

  2. Angel De La Rosa

    Angel De La Rosa

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    Could of just pulled it with your hand…

  3. Shane Cateriny

    Shane Cateriny

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    I just use my foot or hand.

  4. Jake Owens

    Jake Owens

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  5. J B

    J B

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    Pretty sure everyone and their momma knows this trick already

  6. carpe diem

    carpe diem

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    Move it in place with your hand you donut!

  7. luke oneill

    luke oneill

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    I don't have a drill screws or a nail gun is what they said 100 years ago

  8. melonheadr


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    Just use your hand

  9. pablo rooney

    pablo rooney

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    Just hold it with your hand ya fool.... This is muppetry not carpentry!

  10. dallas buyck

    dallas buyck

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    My hero

  11. Bossman Jenkins

    Bossman Jenkins

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    What the fuck. You didn't need to drill that screw in dip shit..

  12. Mark Ward

    Mark Ward

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    If you hold it with your hand and slap yourself with your other hand...

  13. Winter Soldier

    Winter Soldier

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    I just use a crescent wrench or channel locks to grab it and flex it into place… no hole 😁

  14. Keerin Burns

    Keerin Burns

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    Haha just the claw needed whos showing you this shit 😂

  15. Stuart Clarke

    Stuart Clarke

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    I could of sworn this was a common sense trick....

  16. D.B.O.C.


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    What u need to do to be efficient is have too much equipment. That should slow down your work due to adding unnecessary steps to the process.. impressive

  17. kristopher Carson

    kristopher Carson

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    If it's that loose. Use your damn hand

  18. Soar60lead


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    They put these nonsensical videos out so that we’ll comment and feed their algorithm. Well, I’m not going to play their stupid games! Wait…

  19. kanon


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    Can we just appreciate that these shorts save our boredem everyday!

  20. Devourmental Mike

    Devourmental Mike

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    Thats retarded/ just hold it with your hand as u were in the beginning lol

  21. Ezekiel Brockmann

    Ezekiel Brockmann

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    Ain't nobody got time for that!

  22. TWO HATS


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    Did you get that hammer on Pinterest

  23. Gorilla Moto

    Gorilla Moto

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    You moved it in place with your hand.

  24. Jtkc5018


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    Not taking tips from a dude that hydro dips his hammer.

  25. Chad Breton

    Chad Breton

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    The trick is to get a nice cut. It takes a few years to be able to see those 1° inconsistencies so you can cut it tight so it fits right to begin with

  26. caviteño76 Reyes

    caviteño76 Reyes

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    He had it the first time! So damn extra

  27. William Knowles

    William Knowles

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    Oh my God, enough with the aligning wood with the hammer trick. son of a bitch!

  28. Nick Thompson

    Nick Thompson

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    This is dumb. Of you've done any kind of frame work at all you can figure this shit out

  29. Cade Noh

    Cade Noh

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    Wow really. I thought you were going to show something cool

  30. Fox Toxic

    Fox Toxic

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    Did anyone else click just based on the paint job on the hammer?

  31. Wolf Man

    Wolf Man

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    Oldest trick in the book. Get a paslode

  32. Gregory Kitchens

    Gregory Kitchens

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    I can't think of a single person I know that's even slightly experienced in carpentry that DOESNT know this "trick" most would just hold it square with their hand or hammer but hey you do you.

  33. Jack Walsh

    Jack Walsh

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    I thought the Oldest Trick in the Book Is the Bucket of Water on Top of the Door that Falls when you Open it.

  34. Robert Heflin

    Robert Heflin

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    Made a science project out of nailing a board wow.

  35. --


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    Is that a trick??? If you’re doung stud work and you’re amazed by this then maybe get someone to check your work

  36. Charles Torruella

    Charles Torruella

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    So you wast time with a screw when you could have pulled it over with your hands what a dumbass

  37. BDR 529

    BDR 529

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    Can I box of toenails please? Do you know where I can find them? In your truck?

  38. Jose Cruz

    Jose Cruz

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    Lol ay

  39. Jim Riebe

    Jim Riebe

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    Ever hear of toe nailing it?

  40. ChandlerYoung24


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  41. xooStevenoox


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    Well il be fucked. Hahaha

  42. Mike Patrick

    Mike Patrick

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    I bet there’s some older tricks.

  43. SZ Custom Woodworks

    SZ Custom Woodworks

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    What is with the paint job on the hammer? Why are you using such garbage wood it literally looks like it was RIPPED off a pallet you found in a dumpster behind a abandoned crack house.

  44. Roy Hopkins

    Roy Hopkins

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    If you take that long I'd fire you!

  45. Tau'aika


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    To each his own, but this is a waste of time.

  46. Lorenzo Camacho

    Lorenzo Camacho

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    I've been in construction for over 22 years and haven't seen this, most guys just put a level on it and nail it in, the only time I put a screw to hold something is if I'm doing a drywall patch and I have to reach in the opening with backing if I'm in-between studs, I'll screw a screw into my backing for a handle while I screw it in top and bottom but of course will remove my handle.

  47. Kenneth Gaudette

    Kenneth Gaudette

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    The world's crappiest board

  48. Paul Taylor

    Paul Taylor

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    Why didn't he just uses hand

  49. Jo Lewis

    Jo Lewis

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    You obviously work on day work

  50. Love is the Answer

    Love is the Answer

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    Add this to the other thousand videos that are the same. It’s not like it’s magic. A greenhorn knows this stuff.

  51. Taylor Wyant

    Taylor Wyant

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    Literally could’ve got that claw behind that 2x4 what a waste of time

  52. Garret Moen

    Garret Moen

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    You just proved you could’ve held the board to do that

  53. Alan O'Reilly

    Alan O'Reilly

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    Yeah dates back to before jesus then jesus invented the paslode 😂💪

  54. uncle jay jay

    uncle jay jay

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    This is literally not a trick in everybody knows a better way to do it

  55. David H

    David H

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    Nah man. Im just gonna hold my board with my hand if I can do so instead of wasting time needlessly

  56. Billy Grahambraham

    Billy Grahambraham

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    We used a nail. Rough framers rarely have a cordless screw gun that close

  57. Steto J

    Steto J

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    Doing too much..

  58. The Average Joe

    The Average Joe

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    Pulling the board with hand then setting with nail is oldest trick in book. This is useful if the board is too stiff to pull with hand

  59. Terry Hardy

    Terry Hardy

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    Just pull the wood flush? The name on the nail gun explains a lot 😂

  60. TheGreatest


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    Just pull the board with your hand and stick the nail in?

  61. Matt M.

    Matt M.

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    So when you Frame you walk around with screws and drill along with you tool pouch and framing. Productive.

  62. FTATF


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    I prefer my hand for that.

  63. B379


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    U moved it with your hand ,duu.

  64. Mark


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    A wise man would just leave it as is and have a coffee

  65. petepodoni1


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    Nope. Will split down the road. Not the right way to do it.

  66. Leo Verran

    Leo Verran

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    WTF, morons post these videos, o real carpenters have time for this nonsense

  67. Christian Tyler

    Christian Tyler

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    People must post these knowing they’re gonna get smashed in the comment section because this is just completely ruhturded

  68. Jan Hussem

    Jan Hussem

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    Waarom makkelijk als het moeilijk kan

  69. Luis Araujo

    Luis Araujo

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    Back in the day when didn’t have electric drills hanging around what would you have done? WHAT?!?! 🙄

  70. Dan Daniels

    Dan Daniels

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    2.4M views for something everyone already knows??? Please DEbases start promoting videos of value!!!

  71. Jamie Cann

    Jamie Cann

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    Sorry not the oldest trick in the book…Back in the day no one had screw guns on a job or nail guns

  72. Robert Gemski

    Robert Gemski

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    And im sorry i HATE that hammer

  73. Robert Gemski

    Robert Gemski

    Vor 22 Tage

    Listen im a carpenter for 21yrs great trick my frail fancy hammer friend….you literally could use your man hands to move it in to place and get rid of that dang ol fart smellin paslode …

  74. Peter


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    I think he just used this as a example I’d hope he knows he can just use his hand he was just demonstrating if you do need more leverage you can do this, maybe try looking at the message instead and you would realize that

  75. kbombers45


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    You just put the nail in and move the board and then put in a second nail

  76. Dave Heckman

    Dave Heckman

    Vor 23 Tage

    Cute screw trick but try to avoid nailing studs on edge

  77. mr B

    mr B

    Vor 24 Tage

    Let's see what the level said🤔

  78. Jon S

    Jon S

    Vor 24 Tage

    Every carpenter learned long ago. Nothing new to see

  79. Alex Rosas

    Alex Rosas

    Vor 24 Tage

    What an idiot. I'd fire him on the spot.

  80. Lee B

    Lee B

    Vor 24 Tage

    Old school nail gun ? Interesting.

  81. Rami Dannaoui

    Rami Dannaoui

    Vor 24 Tage

    That timber will split in time. You should have done it on the long end (on the right) against the force of the warp. Oh and yeah just flex it with your hand and nail/screw it no need for all those tools.

  82. Buck Boss88

    Buck Boss88

    Vor 25 Tage

    Lol if your too weak to pull that flush by hand and nail it go home dude

  83. KooL Knight

    KooL Knight

    Vor 25 Tage

    I hydro dipped my hammer too

  84. Mike Arceneaux

    Mike Arceneaux

    Vor 26 Tage

    Now I have to go out to the truck and find the correct size screw and get the drill with the proper tip and ask the boss if it’s ok to do this

  85. Nigel Kavanagh

    Nigel Kavanagh

    Vor 26 Tage

    Splits every time!

  86. L Milne

    L Milne

    Vor 27 Tage

    Hammer looks nice 😆

  87. Ersen Kırmızı

    Ersen Kırmızı

    Vor 27 Tage

    If you nailed that wood anywhere it would have been solid.. you don't need a trick or book.. what do you call it..? Brain.. yes its called brain..

  88. Happy Places

    Happy Places

    Vor 28 Tage

    Why was there only 1 nail used in the first place? I always put 2 when I framed houses.

  89. Maradnus


    Vor 29 Tage

    This again!!!?? How many people need to make the same vid!?

  90. K. T.

    K. T.

    Vor 29 Tage

    Not sure if it is the oldest trick... but definitely one of the most over shown wood working hacks on the interweb. 🤠

  91. Tim Marmontelo

    Tim Marmontelo

    Vor 29 Tage

    Why not just pull the board with your hand like you did lol then nail

  92. hotrex7


    Vor Monat

    Just used this idea on my polished oak timbers. Now how do I get rid of the screw hole !!!!

  93. Steve Hodnefield

    Steve Hodnefield

    Vor Monat

    Just pull back the F'inn safety on your nail gun, hold your gun back a bit and shot a nail into your backing leaving the head of the nail hanging out and do the same thing with your hammer, nail it in and then pull the nail!!! Frickin office boy!!!🤓🤓

  94. Slimster Slim

    Slimster Slim

    Vor Monat

    What a load of bullshit.

  95. OldManRik


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    If I see this tip on DEbases again...

  96. dukung pemerintahan sekarang bismillah bupati

    dukung pemerintahan sekarang bismillah bupati

    Vor Monat

    materials wasted we all got two hands and two legs

  97. CenCoast_7.3


    Vor Monat

    Why did he need to use a trick?

  98. james leroy

    james leroy

    Vor Monat

    All I saw was how so split a board

  99. why not

    why not

    Vor Monat

    You started off by showing how flexiable it was, then you had to use a screw and hammer to pull it to the position you already did with your hand.

  100. Disscombobulated


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    So stupid and those paslode fasteners stink.